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A Boutique Destination Management Company

We make dreams a reality

Luxury resorts, great infrastructure, secluded getaways or centrally located, purpose-built meeting and event facilities.

100% bespoke luxury travel experiences from Inspiration Cambodia. We make the impossible, possible.

Thrilling experiences no passionate driver will ever forget. Routes cover Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

Nobody leaves Cambodia disappointed

A culture of optimism

Cambodia has a very young population. This new generation of Cambodians are forward-thinking, open-minded and easily trusting.  There is no arrogance or resentment in their behaviour.  Families look to the future with excitement and optimism, renewed and largely unencumbered by the problems of the past.  The people here approach every interaction with a kindness and generosity of spirit that will melt the heart of any visitor to this magical land.

A Monk in Cambodia
Angkor Sangkran
Cambodian School Children

South East Asia's best kept secret

Why visit Cambodia?

Very Safe

Environmentally Conscious

Open Minded

No Traffic


Tailor-made travel experiences

Going beyond expectations

"From the start Inspiration Cambodia offered us a creative program with very strong value for money. They think about all the details and they do everything they can to make the clients happy. Inspiration Cambodia combines all the advantages of a European manager with a local Cambodian team. Best of both worlds!"
Nathalie Jacobs - Fame Travel
Nathalie Jacobs
Managing Partner
FAME Travel Designers
"Inspiration Cambodia helped us at every stage with writing the road book, booking the hotels, and ensuring smooth border crossings to and from Thailand. Wherever we went, Inspiration Cambodia were there in advance. They provided local guides, a police escort and sweeper car throughout. We could not have done it without Claire and her great IC team!"
Classic Car Tours Logo
Neil Robinson
Pathfinder General
Classic Car Tour Group
“ I feel like your people were extremely professional and helpful, but also managed to include a personal touch that exceeded my expectations at every turn. Our activities we exceptionally well thought out and it felt like you had a depth of focus on making sure we had a deeper and more meaningful contact with Cambodia than I have felt in other similar corporate outings around the world. I can say that Inspiration Cambodia has set the standard in my mind for what we will look for in the future for service providers of this sort".
Clear Com
Bob Boster, President
Clear-Com / April 2016
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