Issue IV
FAREWELL 2017 ~ HELLO 2018
2017 brought us so many great events, inspiring stories, well-designed tours, remarkable MICE and most especially the safety and security of our day-to-day life in Cambodia. With every uncertainty happenings around the globe Cambodia continuously gives us the confidence in bringing in travellers and providing the best destination in Southeast Asia.
The country’s economy is rapidly growing and in a blink of an eye you can foresee an incredible growth in the coming years. So, what is there for us not to miss in 2018?

Arkoun chraen ~ Thank you ~ Merci
Claire Massart - Founder & General Manager


Khmer New Year, it is celebrated over three days starting from the 13th or 14th of April, which coincides with the end of the harvesting season. Khmer New Year is a precious time for Cambodian people to gather with family, friends and their community. It is celebrated throughout Cambodia and is rooted in Buddhist traditions.

Sanskrit (Angkor Sangkranta) is an event of Khmer New Year organized by the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC) which is held in Siem Reap province. Culture event action-packed Angkor Sangkran is an opportunity for all Cambodians as a united Khmer Family and for foreign friends to receive unforgettable and exquisite experiences during Khmer New Year in Cambodia.


Observe the breathtaking alignment of the equinox sunrise at Angkor Wat. On that day, the sun passes exactly to the zenith on the terrestrial equatorial plane and its changes to a heavenly hemisphere. The location of Angkor Wat has been studied about the phenomenon that makes it possible to have the Sun 6 months on the South side and 6 months on the North side. In Cambodia, this astronomical event happens during Spring (around 21th of March), and during Autumn (around the 23rd of September).



Pchum Ben is another important festival in the Khmer religious calendar. Cambodians have faithfully observed the festival every year for as long as anyone can remember. It is known to be when the spirits of dead ancestors are thought to be especially active, or they may even return to earth. Cambodian people try not to miss a visit to the pagoda to dedicate food and offerings to the dead.



Water Festival marks the reversing flow of Tonle Sap River and also ushers in the fishing season. The highlight of the event, are the boat races that are held over three days. When night falls, fireworks light the sky and a lighted flotilla of boats sail aloft for good luck. People from all walks of life gather on the bank of the Tonle Sap or by the riverside for several days and nights.

Recently, the 22nd Angkor Wat International Half Marathon was held last 03 December 2017. This internationally recognized half marathon raises relief for the victims of antipersonnel mines in Cambodia. With the support of many Japanese running enthusiasts, the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon NGO started the race in 1996, with participants from all over the world. Attended by many landmine victims, this great international race takes place inside the ruins of Angkor Wat, a World Heritage Site, and has been held annually to give the victims courage and hope, as well as to appeal to the world to support the “ban on the use of antipersonnel mines.” So, watch out for the 23rd Angkor Wat International Half Marathon.
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