New and Only Online

12 Mar New and Only Online

TUK-TUK.TV is a cultural Web TV channel that brings you into Cambodian history, music, dance and lifestyle.

TUK-TUK.TV gives advices for a trip and plunges the public into the heart of the Cambodian soul.

TUK-TUK.TV lets the world discover the Cambodian traditional music because, as Plato said: “If you want to know the people, listen to their music.”

Main topics:

  • Archeology
  • Music & Dance
  • Lifestyle
  • Sounds of Angkor
  • Environment

Discover Tuk-tuk TV and you will find more reasons to visit Cambodia.

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lotuscolour If you want to follow the reporters team on the field during your stay, Inspiration Cambodia can organize this, on request only and on acceptance of Tuk-Tuk TV management.  

Let’s us to inspire you!