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About us

Who are we ?


Inspiration Cambodia, like all the partners of the Inspirations of the World Asia network, is a boutique operator.

Our multilingual Khmer and European team is based in Siem Reap in order to be in osmosis with the destination. His motivation is immense to share with the travelers the best of Cambodia and Laos. We only create tailor-made tours for individual incentives or individual requests.

No question for our specialists to simply present the temples of the archeological park of Angkor. This would be to minimize the treasures of this country (landscapes, rivers, lakes, jungle, islands …). Our customers are delighted to drive on deserted country roads through rice paddies and sugar palm trees. They observe the lifestyle of the people and share experiences and often joy.

According to particular interests we call on archaeologists, ethnologists, historians, naturalists, photographers … in order to accompany travelers.

Inspiration Cambodia is Official Partner of Asia Rally Logistics and we have done already 2 Rallyes:

  • 2016: Spice Road Classic
  • 2018 : Friendship Rally

We are as well organizing future rallyes as per follow:

  • 2018 : Indochina Road Classic
  • 2019 : Mekong Road Rally

Claire Massart, founder, has more than 25 years of worldwide experience in the travel industry primarily dedicated to incentives. Her previous agency, Incentive Destinations based in Belgium, handled high-profile clients such as Porsche, Dior, AXA, Winterthur, Audi, and Yamaha. In Cambodia, she found an ideal place to build a DMC.

Adrien Dennhardt (Adriano)

Born in Juraia in Brazil, adopted and raised by a French couple in Paris, then living in Cambodia since august 2010, Adrian gets a Bachelor in tourism industry, with 2 specialties such as Events and Public Relations.

Having been “group” specialist during 5 years with a Terra Nova ( French tour operator), and thanks to his experience as a country manager (Cambodia) at Phoenix Voyages Group Ltd. during 6 years, Adriano joined the team on October the 1st, 2016.

Workaholic, Imaginative and with great commitment, he will know how to make you discover all the particularities of the country of the thousand smiles.

Sok Hour, join the team as an Accounting and administrating officer in March 2017, this Cambodian woman speaks French, English and Khmer. Her formation in tourism and hospitality at P.Dubrul School allowed her to work in a hotel, handcraft and tourism. With her last experience as production and operation officer in a local DMC office, she acquired 3 important qualities like organization, passion and reactivity. Those qualities will be crucial in Administration duties.

Pisedh Yoeun is a Cambodian man who joined the team in May 2017, he speaks 4 languages fluently: French, English, Spanish and Khmer. He graduated from a tourism Bachelor in the Institute of foreign Language in Phnom Penh. With his 13 years old experience as a guide, Piseth will be able to create an exclusive program around Cambodia. His motivation, experience and his attention on details are qualities that Inspiration Cambodia need to be able to create tailor made programs.

Roath Daneth joins the team as Deputy Operation Officer in middle of January 2018.  She speaks English and Khmer.  After having graduated from Paul Dubrule School in Tourism courses, she used to worked at a Tour Company as a Reservation and Operation Officer for 01 year.

Then she worked for an NGO as a Sales and Operation Officer for another year. She is passionate about her work that is the key to success.

Why choose us?

Our Destination Management Company (DMC) focuses on Cambodia and Laos. Our team based in Siem Reap, in the shadow of the temples of Angkor, has forged strong professional and trusting links with the best service providers in both countries. We believe it is essential to work with local businesses that have a social role to support disadvantaged communities.

All our employees are constantly on the lookout for new and unusual itineraries.

Throughout the country. This is essential to draw original and high-quality customized offers as soon as possible.

Assets & Guarantees

You demand attention to the slightest details and our team takes that as a challenge. This is essential for us as much as it is for your clients. Inspiration Cambodia is your dedicated incentive travel agency officially registered and affiliated with the National Tourism Authorities. For your peace of mind, all operations are covered locally by a civil liability insurance contract.

Our vision

Going beyond your expectations

Even if you or your clients have already traveled to Cambodia before, our team will surprise you. First, we listen carefully to your needs so we can reach and go beyond your expectations. We recognize that everyone is unique so we tailor travel to the individual. As well, we are firm believers in responsible tourism and plan itineraries accordingly. In Cambodia and Laos, we have selected renowned experts across different fields to assure that your trip here will be a memorable one.

You will notice a difference during and after your exclusive journey with us.

We will inspire you!


Inspirations of the World

To live the passion. This is the leitmotiv that unites the DMC agencies under the brand name ‘Inspirations of the World’. Inspiration Cambodia is a partner of this network located in Myanmar, India, Bhutan and Nepal.

The priority objective is to offer a high-quality, personalized travel concept to individual businesses and discerning travelers.

Our collective participates jointly in the most prestigious shows in the luxury tourism or corporate sector: IMEX, Luxeperience, Pure … Our union is our strength.

Travel with us. We promise you an incredible world !

Community Support

Residents in Cambodia, we are fully aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It cannot be a fantasy, it is a real opportunity for all. We are convinced that tourism is a means of spreading the sustainability and development of communities.

Most of our clients are sensitive to this initiative and excited to include CSR in their program. We selected a few NGOs to support their actions. We focus particularly on youth education and disadvantaged adults (see the Communities section).

We study with our clients the best way to sponsor CSR activities in accordance with their business or personal philosophy. It also offers participants the joy of sharing a unique experience with the local population based on the ‘win / win’


ESK, The Children of Khmer Smile, is a non-profit association established in 1996, it is recognized general interest. ESK aims to specifically help disadvantaged children in Cambodia.
Unlike many associations, ESK’s objective was, from the outset, to remain human-sized: to be close to the children it supports, to facilitate their growth, to support them in their development and to help them until that they are autonomous by having a job.
Some actions:
– The House of Culture and Sports was created for the children of paddy fields, salt marshes and fishing at KEP. Aimed at young people of all ages, this center aims to promote the physical and intellectual development of the most disadvantaged, while allowing them to find their cultures and traditions, in fact their collective identity, close to their place of life.
– The House of Smile in Battambang: The main difficulty faced by these very poor children was the following: to get out of a very short-term logic, namely of food survival, and to consider their education as an investment for the whole family (family in the broad sense, which includes grandparents, uncles and aunts, etc …). So that the child is no longer a “mouth to feed” for the family, we wanted to cover all of his expenses, while providing him with a suitable living environment and favorable to education.

Enfants du Sourire Khmer 


Cœur & Act

Acting at the heart of humanitarian needs

Inspiration Cambodia is pleased to support from 1st April 2017 the NGO CŒUR & ACT created in 2014 by Laurence Lallement by supporting the “Tuk Tuk of the Heart”.

It offers daily meals (about 140 meals a day) to street children, slums and poor villages.

The NGO carries out punctual operations such as skin grafts, prostheses, …

COEUR & ACT fight against malnutrition, precariousness and self-sufficiency, as well as education and training (construction and renovation of schools).

Live an unforgettable experience on the ground by meeting the most fragile and destitute populations.

Their goal is to replace hunger with smiles!

5 $ = 5 meals – Thanks to this donation, you can feed 5 children.

$ 10 = 1 transport – You finance transportation for a distribution.

$ 25 = 1 bag of rice – A bag of rice represents 4 days of food.


Each year, we partner with a different NGO. Look at the associations we help below.

Foyer Lataste, Aide aux Enfants Cambodgiens

Donated by Inspiration Cambodia since April 2015 until March 2017, AEC is a non-profit organization created since 1998 specializing in the protection and development of vulnerable children in Cambodia. AEC-Foyer Lataste has helped more than 600 children a year with a Khmer team, showing respect for their culture.

NKFC Conservatoire

The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia helps village people in Cambodia secure basic needs through a partnership program. NKFC works with 2,334 families in 14 villages within Banteay Srei district. To maintain the cultural tradition of the Sacred Dances, the Preah Ream Buppha Devi NKFC Conservatoire draws students exclusively from poor rural communities that exist in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor in Cambodia. Set up by the NKFC in 2007, the Conservatoire is now training over 170 dancers and musicians in traditional Cambodian performing arts maintaining the cultural legacy of traditional Khmer dance.

Weaves Cambodia

Weaves Cambodia currently employs over 40 farmers, spinners, dyers, weavers and finishers, most of whom are disabled.

Weaves is a significant contributor to the local economy. As the enterprise has grown, the Khmer staff has increasingly helped to plan and manage the work themselves. The recent addition of more Khmer senior staff has taken the operation further down the road to self-sustainability and long-term success. The project now produces export-quality silk scarves, shawls and yardage sold around the world under the Carol Cassidy Weaves of Cambodia label.

Phare, the Cambodian Circus

Phare Performing Social Enterprise has three complementary social missions: Provide gainful employment to Cambodian youth from difficult social and economic backgrounds, financially sustain our parent organization Phare Ponleu Selpak NGO school thereby contributing to the rebirth of Cambodian modern art.

All performers in Phare The Cambodian Circus learn their skills through Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS), an Association providing arts education in Battambang, Cambodia. Young people from the streets, orphanages and struggling families in the community come to PPS to learn, express and heal themselves through the arts.

Sala Bai Hotel & Restaurant School

Each year, since 2002, Sala Bai offers 100 disadvantaged students from across the country hospitality training, entirely and exclusively meant for young Cambodians coming from underprivileged families. More than 1,000 young people, with a 70% priority to girls, have been trained and have all found a job within their one-year training.

The vocational training taught at Sala Baï is clearly one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways of fighting both poverty and human trafficking at the grassroots level. But without support, nothing would be possible.

Paul Dubrule Hotel & Tourism School

“I believe that training and qualifications are the key to the future of each individual.”

Mr. Paul Dubrule is still deeply involved to develop the renowned school he founded in 2004.

With the skills and motivation of our teaching staff, all the student who wish to, find jobs after graduation. With donations from all over the world, young Cambodians have an opportunity to have quality learning materials and a first-class education in school.

L’École du Bayon, Pastry School

The NGO Bayon School has provided free and quality education to underprivileged children and youths living in the villages in the Angkor temples for the past 15 years.

The goal of the Pastry School, launched in 2014, is to provide the girls of Siem Reap with professional training, leading to a stable job in an expanding industry.


Working with marginalized children/youth, their families and their communities, Mith Samlanh’s projects are designed to assist the children’s social reintegration. To bring about a solution to this situation, the traditional charity model is not efficient enough and needs to be replaced by new models that combine the best of the NGO work and the best of the business world.

In order to achieve maximum impact on the lives of children/youth and families on a global scale, Friends-International is developing innovative and holistic approaches as a social enterprise, mixing good practice social work with effective social business models. Together, building futures.

Cambolac, Art for the People

This Cambodian social business, is a Siem Reap based handicraft company designing and manufacturing lacquer ware souvenirs. Cambolac employs vulnerable poor populations from Angkor’s Park and hearing impaired young adults to manufacture and sell Cambolac original designs and genuine picture in lacquer and hand paint souvenirs. Cambolac aims to help alleviate poverty in Cambodia through work inclusion.

Osmose Ecotourism

Easily accessible from Angkor and featuring attractions such as impressive waterbird spectacle, pristine flooded forest, traditional fishing and floating villages, Prek Toal possesses a huge tourism potential. From its inception, the project has recognized ecotourism as a concrete mean for raising awareness and as an economical force to drive changes in the mode of exploitation and valorization of natural resources (birds, forest). Osmose ecovisits are organized in a way to generate the maximum direct benefits for involved families.