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Incentives in Cambodia?

Cambodia is today the country by excellence of great opportunities in the incentive travel sector. Besides a wide range of luxury hotels and a quality infrastructure for meetings and congresses, the country offers above all an exceptional historical setting with the archaeological site of Angkor, which has been a Unesco heritage since 1992.

Angkor is not the only asset of Cambodia. It contains unsuspected treasures throughout its territory. Its jewels are the Mekong, the Tonle Sap lake, the jungle and the multiple national parks (Cardamomes, Ratanakiri, Mondolkiri …). Its capital Phnom Penh is also worth a visit. The coast to Kep and Kampot as well as the islands on the Gulf of Siam are other nuggets to be discovered.

Let us inspire you!



• Photo safari with a professional photographer

• Adventure journey (quad bikes, zip lines in the forest canopy, mountain bikes, hiking, and horseback riding)

• Green e-bikes to save energy

• Custom-made tented camping



• Rally in old American jeeps through villages and paddy fields

• Biking or trekking challenges for charity

• Interactive team building with selected NGO’s

• School support programs in remote villages



• Candlelit dinner and extraordinary performances at the temples

• Sunset cruise on a gondola around Angkor Thom pond

• Sunrise breakfast in incredible locations

• Ballooning at sunrise or/and sunset (seasonal from December to March)



• Luxury cruise on the Mekong River

• Dinner in a private residence with a lecturer

• Helicopter trips over the Angkor temple area and beyond

• Wine tasting, cocktails, and dinner with a vineyard owner or oenologist



• Meet with Eric Raisina, famous fashion designer, at his Maison de Couture in Siem Reap

• Cocktails at the well-known McDermott photo gallery or with lacquer ware master craftsmen at their workshop

• Entertaining experience at Phare Circus with the performers

• DJ party in unique venues



• Live like the Khmer people for a day

• Stay on the secret island on Siam Golf

• Enjoy a night on a river-floating lodge in Cardamoms Mountains

• Be a part of a homestay with NGO’s

• Enjoy a full service, private villa in a variety of locations

Anticipation of your needs

Upon your arrival, we supply a mobile “Angel phone”, preloaded with important numbers, to the people in charge of your team to ensure we are always available to respond to your requests.

Mobile App

Download the Inspiration Cambodia app for iPhone, Android, or other smartphone to make sure your journey diary is available anywhere and at any time for both you and your team.

Personalized Travel Book and more

If you prefer, we can edit a personalized travel guide for your trip including your client messages. We also offer a large range of communication tools in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder

The former Empire of Southeast Asia, Cambodia has a long history and rich culture. Over a thousand magnificent ancient temples are found in almost every part of the country. Among these, the famous Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Ta Phrom temples make Cambodia renowned to the world. However, Inspiration Cambodia suggests to discover the hidden treasures of this enriching heritage, you need to look in remote areas not yet invaded by the crowd.


Beyond the temples, the Khmer Kingdom boasts stunning natural scenery. Dense rain forests with its many wild animals, Tonle Sap lake, the Mekong River, the charm of former Indochina French colonies, and hundreds kilometers of white sandy beach are among the many attractions to seduce visitors keen to stay longer in this tropical paradise in this nation of smiles. We can also arrange an extension to Laos.


The team of Inspiration Cambodia is permanently focused on exclusive routes and custom-made programs for both the incentive market and connoisseur travelers. We also offer a lovely collection of private properties as well as a large range of hotels.